TROJAN-MEK – Industrial Machinery Movers

Need heavy machinery moving?  You need the machinery movers!

If you need to move industrial machinery anywhere throughout the UK (and internationally), Trojan-Mek are the machinery moving experts – we’re known as ‘the machinery movers’.

We provide a full range of machinery moving, machinery transport and machinery installation services, including:

  • Heavy machinery removals and plant relocation
  • CNC machine installations, removals and relocation
  • Heavy machinery installation
  • Plant decommissioning
  • Heavy lifting services
  • Full production line and factory relocations


Why choose Trojan-Mek for your Heavy Machinery Moves?

We offer general industrial haulage like many other transport companies, and we’re pretty competitive at that.

However, heavy machinery removals and CNC machine installations are where we earned the nickname ‘the machinery movers’.  We are specialist heavy machine movers, and offer specialist, experienced project management services – we know about heavy lifting, we know about heavy transport and we’re extremely good at it.

Heavy machine haulage is not just about providing the right vehicle  – it’s also about having the right skill set.  Whether you are moving heavy machinery within the factory, or need to move CNC equipment to a new location altogether, factoring in a way around obstacles and heavy load management can be awkward and challenging.    Safety is paramount.

However, on any machinery moving project, minimising downtime is also vital, and that’s where choosing a heavy machine moving specialist will save you money in the long run.

Trojan-Mek has many years of industrial machine moving experience.   Our combination of specialist knowledge, practical experience and heavy machine transport equipment enables us to move heavy machinery safely and efficiently.   Trojan-Mek’s team of Project Managers will help you plan and co-ordinate your machine removals to ensure success.

You can relax – your heavy machinery moves will be in our safe hands – during both transportation and lifting.

What type of Machinery Relocation projects does Trojan-Mek manage?

Single, heavy and precision machinery moving is something our machine movers manage every day.

However, for more complex moves like relocating a production line, or even a complete factory relocation, Trojan-Mek machinery movers have industry-leading experience.

Our in-depth knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering projects is wider than most – we have many case-studies and satisfied clients.

We take a professional approach to every machinery moving and installation project, with customer focused, responsible project management.

Knowing that your valuable equipment will be transported safely leaves you free to manage other aspects of your relocation.


UK wide Machinery Moving Service

Trojan-Mek are an established leader in heavy transport throughout M4 corridor, covering the South Wales through to the West Midlands.

From their South Wales base,  Trojan-Mek are also regularly commissioned to work on large machinery relocation projects in West Wales, The East Midlands, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and the South West (Bristol, Bath and the Somerset area).

Our recent investment in additional heavy machine transport vehicles has seen us prepare for even wider coverage and Trojan-Mek now offer a full machinery installation and heavy relocation service throughout the UK, whether you are located in the City of London or a remote rural location.


International Machinery Moves, Heavy Machine Installation and Relocation

As well as undertaking UK-wide removal and installation projects, Trojan-Mek also provide international relocation services, including freight forwarding, international shipping and export packing.  As with our UK service, our international team can offer assistance whether  clients require support with a single machinery moving project or an entire factory relocation.

No matter what industrial equipment you need to move, ‘the machine movers’ can help.   Contact us for a quote.

“We know that the equipment being moved and sorted for us will be so well cared for – and we have already received compliments about the very work done by Trojan-Mek in relocating our equipment.”

Project Director, Aventas Group (formerly Quinn Group)

“Trojan-Mek have surpassed and exceeded all our expectations… We would not be able to meet often difficult deadlines if it were not for their extremely flexible and reliable service.”

Site Technical Manager, Wetherby Building Systems Ltd

“Trojan-Mek continually provide a reliable and expert service and have the ability to resolve installation obstacles that we have come across. They are pleasure and reassurance to work with.”

Operations Manager, Concept Balustrades Limited