Trojan-Mek Machinery Movers call for more clarity in logistics ahead of Brexit.

Trojan-Mek Director, Leighton Price, spoke to Welsh Business News after the FTA revealed that they had still not been notified of any plans for logistics and transport when the UK departs from the EU.  Like many operators, Leighton is concerned about the lack of planning and complete unawareness of the challenges that the logistics industry could be facing.

Leighton told Welsh Business News that the matter was particularly complicated for heavy haulage specialists like Trojan-Mek:

“If our loads have to be offloaded for checks, it won’t be a two-minute delay – heavy haulage can’t be offloaded quickly.  We need clarity now, because if we need to invest in more vehicles and additional trained staff to cope with additional delays, we need several months to acquire additional heavy transport vehicles and even longer to find skilled, professional staff.  We simply buy zolpidem online usa cannot do that overnight.”

 “Furthermore, with many of the international factory relocations we undertake, 12 months is the bare minimum for planning.  Our aim is to provide an expert service to our customers who rely on us to advise them on what permits will be required.  This could prove a real challenge, when the Government haven’t given logistics professionals any guidelines to work with at this stage, even though Brexit itself has created an increase in enquiries for factory relocations to the EU.”

The FTA summed up the mood of the industry perfectly:

“How can business be expected to trade without transport?  That needs to be uppermost in the minds of negotiators as they move on to talks about the future relationship with the EU. “

For now, machinery moving is running smoothly.  We’d like to see this continue post-brexit.